Erin Jackson, Controversy at worlds.


There is a huge controversy surrounding the 1000M senior ladies race, after American Erin Jackson easily defeated all the competition to get the gold, unfortunately she was unfairly disqualified about 5 minutes later, supposedly by pushing a Korean girl into the ground.  After the Americans protested the call and then appealed the negative outcome of the protest to no avail, the DQ stood and the gold went to the Colombian who had gotten second. After hearing and reading many different accounts of the process, it seems there is much more to it than meet the eye at the end politics and favoritism will rob this great skater of her medal. 

Things got even worse for Erin, when she also got disqualified from her next race, the 500m sprint, arguably her best race. This kind of injustice that plagues our sport needs to be stopped. 

One thing that is important to note, is that the Colombian delegate of the CIC removed himself from the process because he had a skater in the mix of it all and he wanted to have an outcome that wasn't clouded by his allegiance. So even though the Colombian skater was benefited by this disqualification, the Colombians did nothing to create this outcome as many people have suggested on the web. 

This kind of judgement calls totally undermine all the hard work athletes put day in and day out. In this day and age where instant replay is just a few meters away from every major competition, it is incredible that this talented skater will go home robbed out of her well deserved gold. 

The official facebook page of the Rosario World Championships shared the link and wants to hear from you, so please go there and show your support to the great Erin Jackson, the rightful winner of the Senior Ladies 1000M.


Here is the link to the video and the facebook post:


Photo by: David Browne

 This is a response from my Friend Dirk Kelso on facebook, which is pretty interesting:

 Ok I downloaded this video and zoomed in and slowed it down and reviewed frame by frame. The Korean clearly wasn't pushed by the American but she was clearly off balance before the Colombian's skate seems to strike her leading foot and sending her to the ground. From the angle it can't be ruled out that the Americans arm did not brush the Korean as she was trying to pass but it clearly shows she wasn't "pushed". Just close quarter side by side skating... Take a look at it frame by frame...