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August 03, 2016

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#GoSkate - Let's grow skating together

Hello Skaters, 

We need your help to grow skating. We want all of you to be part of a social media skate movement, so that together we can grow skating worldwide. 🌎🌏🌍 

- What can you do to help? .

- First thing's first. Start by changing your profile photo in all of your social media outlets to one in which you are skating, one of your skates, or one of your wheels. Anything will do: any kind of skating, skates from any brand, and any wheel company. All that matters is that you showcase skating, your skates, or your wheels.

*This movement is not limited to inline skates; everyone with a love for wheels under their feet is welcome and encouraged to join. Skating is not widely recognized worldwide, so please show your skate love.

- Use the hashtag #GoSkate in all of your skating related publications so that we can trend on social media outlets around the globe and start being recognized. Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. looks at the hashtags being used, and publicize the most popular ones. When more people see the hashtag, they will share it and use the tag themselves. It then becomes a snowball effect as it grows into something bigger, giving tremendous exposure to the subject of the trending item. Lets trend! 

- Upload skating related content continuously (at least 3 times a week),  The more content we have circulating on social media that features skating, the more recognition our sport will have, and the more growth our sport will see. 

- Everyone with a love for wheels under their feet is invited to join our movement. Whether you skate for fun, passion, or profession, you are exactly what we are looking for. All types of skates are welcome: inlines, quads, skateboards, or anything skating related. 

- We invite you to translate this into your language and share it. The more the merrier. 

- Ask everyone you know who loves skating to join. Invite your federation, your team, your coach, your friends, and your favorite skate company to be a part of the future of skating. Sharing and using this hashtag is not exclusive to any one person, team or company. We would just be promoting skating at large. 

- If you are a skate company, a federation, a skate club, or anyone in an influential position in the skating world, we invite you to adopt this idea as your own, do with it as you please We all have to unite to grow the sport. The more people skating, the bigger the pool from which we all grow.

- Any and all ideas are welcome. This movement is yours. Social media has given us the power to change our world All we have to do is act collectively. The growth of our sport is in our hands. Let's do our part.

Don't forget to share this invitation with everyone you know and please #GoSkate

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March 02, 2016


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MPC Black Magic Inline Skating Wheels invites you to #GoSkate here is why

Did you know? 

You can strengthen the heart muscle with skating (any form of it, Recreational, Fitness, Derby, Speed, Figure, Slalom, Hokey, ETC.) Just like running, skating can give your heart a great workout, minus the pounding on the joins. In fact, skating gives you a much better workout because you can do it for a longer period of time. If you skate for 30 minutes or more, you can get your heart rate up to 148 b/m. 

Just remember: if you want to have a healthy heart, #GoSkate 

MPC Black Magic inline skating wheels #GoSkate

February 17, 2016


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We invite you to #GoSkate, Here is why

Did you know? 

Since we are always inviting you to Go Skate, we want to show you the benefits of skating, here are some of the top reasons why you should take up skating. 


Roller Skating MPC Wheels Black Magic

Koreans, poised to be a threat to Colombia once again.

Korean team 2014 World Championships. 


 Korea skates MPC Wheels

Most of us have been wondering what happened to the rivalry between the skating superpowers Korean and Colombian teams.  As of today Colombia seems unbeatable in the general classification, after winning the overall title for 5 years in a row, but the Koreans who in the 2009 - 2010 season were the most prolific skating country in the world, winning the overall title at the inline speed skating World Championships in late 2009 beating Colombia, and also winning multiple gold medals at the Vancouver Winter Olympics just a couple of months later, where they won Gold in Short Track, Long track and even ladies figure skating, the most coveted medal at the winter olympics, seemed to have faded into a distant memory. 

The Korean inline speed skating team, who was proudly sponsored by MPC Wheels, had been poised to take the overall title for years, coming just short of it 3 years in a row.  They were second to Colombia in 2006, 2007 and 2008 and finally struck gold in 2009 when they got the overall title in Haining, China.  

In 2010 They went back to Colombia, bringing only their B team, as they had the Asian Games, which are in the Olympic cycle and are way more important to the Korean's than the World Championships, they did good, and still managed to get second overall, losing to a really strong Colombian team, who promised not to lose at home. The world was left wondering what would have been had the Koreans brought their strongest skaters.  

2011 finally came around and everyone was waiting for a Korean - Colombian showdown, specially since the Worlds were at home for the Korean team in Yeosu.  The Koreans placed a disappointing second overall and definitely didn't seem as strong.  Many people claimed it was due to their wheel partner having changed away from MPC Wheels. The Koreans had always been MPC's team, you could not think of the Koreans and not immediately associate them with MPC, as they both seemed to have grown together. 

After this basic change in sponsors, which moved the Koreans away from what they knew best, something happened and they seemed to gradually fade away.  Things only seemed to go downhill for them, with the Koreans placing a distant 3rd overall at the 2012 World Championships in San Benedetto del tronto, Italy, and totally disappearing of the overall at the 2013 world Championships in Oostende, Belgium.

The Koreans, looking to get back to their rightful place as skating royalty, came back to what they knew to work, and partnered again with MPC Wheels for the 2014 season, the results are already showing.  

Even though they are still far in the overall leader boards from Colombia, they are slowly but surely getting back to where they once were, and promise to bring a lot more to the table to the 2015 World Championships in Taiwan, which is like a second home to them. 


We at MPC Wheels are extremely happy and proud to call the Koreans our partners once again, and look forward to seeing them on the top of the inline skating world, giving us a showdown with all the strongest skating nations.

We have always been most impressed by the incredible technique and sheer strength that this team has displayed throughout the years, never being happy to sit on the back of the group and wait for the last lap to win on a field sprint, but rather giving us great performances, where they usually take the lead from beginning to end and animate the races like very few teams do.  


For more information on MPC in Korea, please go to: MPC Korea's Facebook page 


Here, you can meet learn more about the Korean Team and their most notable achievements at the 2014 World Championships in Argentina.  


 An ti seul Korea MPC Road War Evolution wheels

An Yi Seul 

Bronze - Senior Ladies 300m Time Trial - Weapon of choice: MPC Road War Turbo/ Road War Evo. 


 Lee Myung Kyu Korea MPC Black Magic wheels

Lee Myung Kyu

Silver medal - Senior men 300m time trial - Weapon of Choice: MPC Black Magic Firm


Park Min Jeong MPC Black Magic Firm Wheels

Park Min Jeong

Silver medal - Junior girls 500m sprint - Weapon of choice: MPC Black Magic & Road War Evo. 


 MPC Black Magic - Jang's wheel

Jang Su Ji

Bronze medal - Senior ladies 1000m Race - Her weapon of choice: MPC Black Magic 


Yu Ga Ram MPC Black Magic korea

Yu Ga Ram 

Silver Medal - Junior Ladies Point/Elimination 10,000m.  Her weapon of choice MPC Black Magic XFirm 


Korean Junior Ladies MPC Black Magic

Korean Junior girls relay team 

Korean Team - Left to right: Jeong Go Eun, Park Min Jeong & Yu Ga Ram - Gold 3000m Relay in the track. 

Their weapon of choice: MPC Road War Evolution & MPC Black Magic 


Korean Relays MPC Black Magic

Korean Senior ladies relay team 

Korean Team - left to right: An Yi seul, Shin So Young & Yi Seul - Bronze 3000m Relay in the track

Their weapon of choice MPC Black Magic Firm & XFirm 


Korea Relay - MPC Black Magic

Korean Senior men relay team

Korean Team - left to right: Son Geun Sung, Jang Su Cheol & Lee Myung Kyu 

Their weapon of choice: MPC Black Magic Firm 


MPC Wheels Black Magic - Yu Ga Ram

Yu Ga Ram 

Silver Medal - Junior girls 10,000m Points race on the road - Her weapon MPC Road War Evolution and MPC Black Magic - She also got the Bronze medal in the Junior girls 20,000m Elimination race on the road. 


jeong byung gwan Korea MPC Road War Evo.

Jeong Byung Gwan 

Bronze Medal - Junior boys 10,000m Point race - track - Weapon of choice: MPC Road War Evolution XFirm


choi gwang ho MPC Road War Evolution

Choi Gwang Ho 

Bronze Medal - 20,000m Senior Men Elimination Race - Weapon of choice: MPC Road War Evolution 


Yi Seul bronze MPC Road War Evolution

Yi Seul 

Bronze Medal - Senior ladies 10,000m Points race on the road - Her Weapon of choice: MPC Road War Evolution 


Choi Gwang Ho gold on Road War Evolution

Choi Gwang

Silver Medal - Senior Men 10,000m Point race on the road - His weapon of choice: MPC Road War Evolution 

Erin Jackson, Controversy at worlds.


There is a huge controversy surrounding the 1000M senior ladies race, after American Erin Jackson easily defeated all the competition to get the gold, unfortunately she was unfairly disqualified about 5 minutes later, supposedly by pushing a Korean girl into the ground.  After the Americans protested the call and then appealed the negative outcome of the protest to no avail, the DQ stood and the gold went to the Colombian who had gotten second. After hearing and reading many different accounts of the process, it seems there is much more to it than meet the eye at the end politics and favoritism will rob this great skater of her medal. 

Things got even worse for Erin, when she also got disqualified from her next race, the 500m sprint, arguably her best race. This kind of injustice that plagues our sport needs to be stopped. 

One thing that is important to note, is that the Colombian delegate of the CIC removed himself from the process because he had a skater in the mix of it all and he wanted to have an outcome that wasn't clouded by his allegiance. So even though the Colombian skater was benefited by this disqualification, the Colombians did nothing to create this outcome as many people have suggested on the web. 

This kind of judgement calls totally undermine all the hard work athletes put day in and day out. In this day and age where instant replay is just a few meters away from every major competition, it is incredible that this talented skater will go home robbed out of her well deserved gold. 

The official facebook page of the Rosario World Championships shared the link and wants to hear from you, so please go there and show your support to the great Erin Jackson, the rightful winner of the Senior Ladies 1000M.


Here is the link to the video and the facebook post:


Photo by: David Browne

 This is a response from my Friend Dirk Kelso on facebook, which is pretty interesting:

 Ok I downloaded this video and zoomed in and slowed it down and reviewed frame by frame. The Korean clearly wasn't pushed by the American but she was clearly off balance before the Colombian's skate seems to strike her leading foot and sending her to the ground. From the angle it can't be ruled out that the Americans arm did not brush the Korean as she was trying to pass but it clearly shows she wasn't "pushed". Just close quarter side by side skating... Take a look at it frame by frame...



Speedy recovery Emanuelle


All of us from MPC Wheels want to wish our super star sprinter Emanuelle Silva, from Chile, a speedy recovery. Emanuelle suffered a pulled groin during his 300m TT final.  His groin had been bothering him during practices prior to the time trial, but he didn't make much of it and kept at it, unfortunately he did pull it quite bad during his time trial. 

Incredibly enough he still managed to go under 25 seconds in the 300m, all while not being able to apply any force into the ground... 

We really were looking forward to cheering him on for the rest of the sprints at the World Championships, unfortunately it wasn't to happen this year. 

We are positive that you will bounce back from this set back and will come back much stronger, we are 100% behind you and look forward to having you as one of our team captains for years to come.