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#GoSkate - Let's grow skating together

August 03, 2016

Hello Skaters,  We need your help to grow skating. We want all of you to be part of a social media skate movement, so that together we can grow skating worldwide. 🌎🌏🌍  - What can you do to help? . - First thing's first. Start by changing your profile photo in all of your social media outlets to one in which you are skating, one of your skates, or one of your wheels. Anything will do: any kind of skating, skates from any brand, and any wheel company. All that matters is that you showcase skating, your skates, or your wheels. *This movement is not limited to inline skates; everyone with a love for wheels under their feet is welcome and... Continue Reading →

MPC Black Magic Inline Skating Wheels invites you to #GoSkate here is why

March 02, 2016

Did you know?  You can strengthen the heart muscle with skating (any form of it, Recreational, Fitness, Derby, Speed, Figure, Slalom, Hokey, ETC.) Just like running, skating can give your heart a great workout, minus the pounding on the joins. In fact, skating gives you a much better workout because you can do it for a longer period of time. If you skate for 30 minutes or more, you can get your heart rate up to 148 b/m.  Just remember: if you want to have a healthy heart, #GoSkate  Continue Reading →

We invite you to #GoSkate, Here is why

February 17, 2016

Did you know?  Since we are always inviting you to Go Skate, we want to show you the benefits of skating, here are some of the top reasons why you should take up skating.  #GoSkate  Continue Reading →


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